Play With Whisky Club Responsibly.

Whisky Club UK is a competition website that has been designed to be a fun and sociable way to win amazing prizes. We are committed to providing a service that is enjoyable and socially responsible. We’ve designed our platform to be as much about the community as possible regardless of whether you choose to play in the competitions, take part in the live streams and whisky tastings or join us for our in person events.

If you think that you are having problems with gambling whilst playing the competitions, we want to help you as quickly as we can.

Signs you may have a gambling problem.

  • Treating playing as a way of making money, rather than a source of entertainment.
  • Attempting to chase losses or playing to escape financial difficulty
  • Spending money and time beyond your means
  • Selling possessions and borrowing money in order to keep playing
  • Unable or struggling to manage stop playing

How to pause or take a break.

Drop us an email and we can put a time-out on your account.

Actions we may take.

As a responsible business that wishes to ensure that all of its customers play for fun and within their means, we may contact you if we see any behaviour that we think is unusual or excessive.

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